From Design to Visual Effects

Knowing where to start can be hard, Whether its getting your messages out, Designing a web presents, Developing a brand to classic dilemmas like rotoscoping or green screen? From Paint Fixes, Beauty Work, Tracking and Stereo/Mono Compositing I have you covered from All angles.

What does it take to reach an audience today? To be in reach of the best technology accomplish your vision, or to build a brand that Enchants Millions.In this fast paced
world the uncertainty to stay relevant is immense, and your audience is growing even more skeptical and uninterested. In a world of noise, we as consumers are begging to be understood, to belong, and participate within the experience of brand. Where the facts melt away into a story, evoking the emotional response and connection that moves us in just the right ways.

Move past the mainstream misconceptions that the everyday Ad agencies will offer, and find how you can provide the product experience your audience is begging to buy.

Nathaniel Westveer

Fullsail University

Digital Arts and Design

Computer Animation

Compositing, Stereoscopic Compositing, Match Moving,(Object Stereo and Mono), Color
Grading, Beauty for Motion Picture and Stills, Stereography/Videography, Editing, Motion
Graphics, Python Scripting for Nuke